Managers Training Courses

From 1st July 2017 all Management Training Modules are being presented at Regional Level and cannot be delivered by the GMW County Training Team.

In an effort to finish off  Managers Training (GSL, ADC, DDC, DC etc) before the new scheme comes into force, GMW is running a Condensed Refresher Course and Validation Weekend over 11th & 12 March’17.  You are free to book on both days oe individual days if you wish.

At this, the Management Training will be presented in a condensed form on the Saturday.

There will also be an opportunity for those wishing to validate any Management Modules on the Sunday.  All evidence required to validate these modules MUST be available to the TA’s in attendance.

Anyone wishing to hold a Management Role under the GMW Training Scheme must have all the modules below validated by 1st July’17

  • 4 – Tools for the Role
  • 21 – Growing the Movement
  • 23 – Safety for Managers & Supporters
  • 24 – Managing Adults
  • 25 – Assessing Learning
  • 26 – Supporting Adults
  • 37 – Advising on Adult Appointments

See GMW Adult Training web pages here

Shelterbox Scavenger Hunt – 7th May’17

Scout / Cub Leaders.  Are you looking for a ready made activity to tie into your World Challenge / Team Leader Challenge / Adventure Challenge Awards?

If so, then this fits the bill……Learn about Disaster Relief Abroad, Highlight Environmental Issues, Work as an effective team to solve a set of clues to progress, Give Leadership Opportunities to YP and raise money for a HUGELY important cause.  It’s all there.

Keep up to date with the event here or here.   Registration is now live HERE


Scout Section News


Lord Derby – Dunham Massey – Sat 22nd April

Shelterbox Scavenger Hunt – Liverpool – 7th May (see separate article)

County PL  Training Day – 21st May (Venue tbc)

Cardboard Canoe Race – 17th June

Celebration of Excellence – 1st July

Camping / Backwoods Competition – 7th to 9th July

More details to follow.

District Pioneering Course (18-20 March)


The course booking are now closed.  Please see the attached for Joining Instructions and a Permission to Camp form.

For your info, the camp is under my permit and the In-Touch is J-P Yates, contact for both are in the attached.

Pioneer Badge – Joining Instructions

PTC Pioneering

Please get in touch if there are any questions.

Mobile – 07813 747315

Keith Morris.

NW Region Shelterbox Scavenger Hunt’16

It’s Nearly Here

Sun 8th May.  Do something for those in need of Humanitarian Relief and have fun whilst you do it  Watch the video here . . Shelterbox’16

Incorporate this into your Sections Programme and you could tick off the following Badges and Awards.

  • Global Challenge (Scouts) The ShelterBox Scavenger Hunt and the Young ShelterBox
  • Go Global resources have been specially developed to meet the objectives of this challenge which can be supplemented by taking part in the Scavenger Hunt.
  • Adventure Challenge (Scouts) Exploring a town in a new area, orienteering and planning a journey on public transport are all part of the ShelterBox Scavenger Hunt.
  • Creative Challenge (Scouts) Taking an active part in the Scavenger Hunt requires problem-solving skills, effective teamwork and creative thinking!
  • International Partnership Award (all sections)
  • International and Values elements of the Chief Scouts Platinum, Diamond and Queen Scout Award.

Checkout the website for details here.

Scout Section News

Pioneer Course

Please continue to send in your bookings for this badge weekend.  Closing date – 1st March.  Check the Calendar (18-20 March) for forms.

County Lord Derby

Two Patrols will be put forward by District and so I am looking for ‘bids’ from Patrol Leaders from our Troops on why ‘your’ Patrol should represent Lilford District in this prestigious County Competition.  Download the form for details.  County Lord Derby Bids

District Mountain Meet

I am looking for feedback on whether there would be an interest in having a District Mountain Meet during Autumn’16.  Activities will be Mountain Biking and Climbing/Hiking based in the magnificent Ogwen Valley in Snowdonia.  There are relatively few weekends available during Sept/Oct so I would appreciate your thoughts and possible numbers by the Pioneering Weekend.  The logistics in planning this means I need to have a good idea of take-up before I commit to it.  Costs around £50 all in.

That’s all for now – Keith – ADC(S)