NW Region Shelterbox Scavenger Hunt’16

It’s Nearly Here

Sun 8th May.  Do something for those in need of Humanitarian Relief and have fun whilst you do it  Watch the video here . . Shelterbox’16

Incorporate this into your Sections Programme and you could tick off the following Badges and Awards.

  • Global Challenge (Scouts) The ShelterBox Scavenger Hunt and the Young ShelterBox
  • Go Global resources have been specially developed to meet the objectives of this challenge which can be supplemented by taking part in the Scavenger Hunt.
  • Adventure Challenge (Scouts) Exploring a town in a new area, orienteering and planning a journey on public transport are all part of the ShelterBox Scavenger Hunt.
  • Creative Challenge (Scouts) Taking an active part in the Scavenger Hunt requires problem-solving skills, effective teamwork and creative thinking!
  • International Partnership Award (all sections)
  • International and Values elements of the Chief Scouts Platinum, Diamond and Queen Scout Award.

Checkout the website for details here.