District Scout Leaders Meeting

Lilford District held is first meeting of the “2 Hour a Week” Club, or more traditionally, a District Scout Leaders meeting last Thursday, 15th October at 1st Atherton HQ.

At this, a quick catchup of the Six Troops represented was heard and the Vision for 2018 was laid out with particular emphasis being placed on becoming more Youth Shaped within the District remit.

District Events for the Scout Section were discussed, in particular the value of Competition against Experiences.  Given that the new Scout Programme is perceived as being more challenging to attain top awards, District will switch focus from Competition to providing Experiences / Activities designed to assist in the delivery of the Programme.

To this end a number of activities were discussed, details of which can be found in the attached minutes.

This is early days and so we are open to suggestions – if you would like to comment, I’m all ears.  My view is that as much as you, as Section Leaders or Young Leaders, are there for the benefit of your Young People, I am there for the benefit of you in delivering Scouting, in whatever form, to those same Young People.

Keep a lookout for details of events coming soon and I look forward to developing Scouting in Lilford District alongside you all……

Thanks to 1st Atherton for the use of their HQ and to those Leaders who attended for giving up another “2 Hours a Week”.

Keith Morris

ADC(S) Lilford District


Lilford District Scout Leaders Meeting – 2015-10-15 Minutes