District Scout Leaders Meeting

To All Members of the Scouts “Two Hour a Week” Club, more properly known as, All Adult Volunteers connected with the Scout Section in Lilford District.

I would very much like to meet with everyone involved with the Scouts Section in Lilford District on Thursday 15th October between 7:30pm and 9:30pm at 1st Atherton HQ, 115 Car Bank Street, Atherton, M46 9NH

I have a few ideas I would like to share with you all such as reviewing the number/type of competitions District holds, adding in ‘Experience’ events, running District Badge Courses, District Scout Camp to name a few. I already have a few ideas, please come along and share yours.

I am there to support, but I need to know how!! There is a huge change in emphasis within District / County at the minute and every meeting I have attended has been very positive with the new direction we are heading in (New Programme / Vision 2018 / Training / Adventurous Activities etc).
If you have any ideas you wish to share or questions to ask, come along. If you just want to have brew and a biscuit with friends, come along. If you want to have a moan about things, come along (if I don’t know what’s wrong, how can I help fix it!)

Please, let me know (either yes or no) your attendance and pass around to others in your Group who may not have seen this. The Invite is open to ALL Adult Volunteers connected with the Scout Section be these Section Leaders or Young Leaders or Occasional Helpers. If you are involved, your opinion counts and it would be great to see at least one member from each troop.

After all, it’s only “2 hours” See you there!

Keith Morris